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Java Applet - Lake
Code And Tutorial

Tutorial created on: 2/1/1997
This Java Applet will work for any picture (.GIF) or (.JPG)
and can be any size. It also can be used as a link, and also
can have an overlay. All that is needed is a few lines of
HTML code added to your page, your favorite picture,
and the Lake.class file.
Below is the HTML code that I used in the
Second Applet Example:
This example draws a border (frame) around the picture

Cut & Paste From Below:

Below is a simplified version:

Below is a version that when you click on the image
it will take you to a new webpage of your choice:
(Change "nameofnewpage.html"
to where your new webpage URL is).

Change "mountain.jpg" to the name of your own picture.
The width of the applet = the original width of your picture.
The height of the applet should be TWO TIMES the
original height of the image MINUS a little bit. How much is
a little bit? Well it depends upon the height of your image.
Start with the applet height = 2 times (height of the original) - 10,
and then play around a bit after that. (usually a little more)
In my example it was -10
Older versions of the applet were always shortened by 10, but it's
now more flexible to give better perspective on smaller images.
Below is the Lake.class file it is really small (4.8k)

First download the file and unzip it. Now all you
need to do is upload the Lake.class file, and your picture.
*NOTE* Do not put the Lake.class file or the picture in
any subfolder up on your server. (example: /images)
Instead put them in the same place as your index.html page
(no folder). Now add the HTML code to the page you want the
Lake applet on, (remember to change the HTML code to your
picture's name, and change the width and height to fit your picture).
Now upload your page and smile your done.
View your page now you should see your picture and
the lake effect reflection below it.

*NOTE* If your site is on or
You will need to visit the FAQ Help Page below
for special instructions on how to do this.
Visit Our Frequently Asked Questions Help Page
It has 30 of the most commonly asked questions that we get.

*NOTE* If you are testing it on your computer make sure
the Lake.class file, the picture, and the HTML page are all 3
in the same place and of course they can be in a subfolder
anywhere on your computer.

"Can I make the image clickable?"
Answer: Sure add this line:
<param name="href" value="nameofnewpage.html">

"Does it have any more commands it supports?"
Answer: Yes "overlay"
Go Look at my tutorial
You can use this parameter if you want a static picture to
overlay the moving image of the lake. A good idea is to use a
transparent .GIF for the overlay so that you will not hide too
much of the animation. Below is the parameter to add:
<param name="overlay" value="nameofyourpix.gif">

Also: "target"
If you are using the applet as a hyperlink then you can set this
value to specify the target frame. If you don't set a target value
then the new page appears in the current frame. This is for those
using frames. Below is the default parameter to add:
<param name="target" value="_top">

Also "rock"
If you want a rocking motion add the rock parameter.
Here is a example of it in action Rocking Action
Below is the parameter to add:
<param name="rock" value="on">

Still stuck?
Visit Our Frequently Asked Questions Help Page
It has 30 of the most commonly asked questions that we get.
and some good tips and examples.

More information and documentation can
be found at the Author's Homepage:
Java Applet Code by David Griffith
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Please feel free to link us if you get this working,
so others may find the help pages.
Or maybe sign our guestbook letting us know where to visit.
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Lake Applet - #2
from help page
Lake Applet - #3
with Rock Parameter
Lake Applet - #4
with Overlay Tutorial
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