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These are beautiful favorite.

Here's how to make them:

First, you will need the snow class file, get it here: alcsnow

                              You will also need the lake class file, get it here: Dorian Gray II

Save the class files to the same folder, with your images and HTML

Of course, you will need a pretty picture!

Crop the image to the size you want your lake and.......


         There are several ways to accomplish this.
     I prefer to paint the snow dots.



Now lets put it all together, high-light the code
below and copy and paste it into the body section
of your HTML.

<APPLET code=alcsnow.class width=
<PARAM name=grph value="
<PARAM name=snows value="600">
<PARAM name=threadsleep value="100">
<APPLET code="DorianGray_II.class"
align="top" width="
" height="130
<PARAM name="bgcolor" value="
<PARAM name="image" value="
<PARAM name="loadtext" value="
good luck!...
<PARAM name="mode" value="0">

Another view of the cabin, same applet code: Snowy Cabin

Here is an example with an animation: The Old Grist Mill

~Animation ~

If you want to use an animation, replace "image 1.jpg"

with your "animated .gif" file.

Happy Applet-ing!!!

If you use this tutorial, please send me the URL,

I would love to see your "creation"

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