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Viking Ship Models


We specialize in Museum quality scale Viking ship scale models built from the Gokstad and other Viking ship plans. We can build to suit a variety of size and budget requirements, depending on the model. Understand the these models are built with an exceptionally level of detail required to keep the models authentic..

Captain Magnus Andersen's replica of the Gokstad ship Viking in New York Harbor in 1893.


Viking Ship HOME

Ship Construction Methods Pg. 1

Ship Construction Methods Pg. 2

Ship Construction Methods Pg. 3

Ship Construction Methods Pg. 4

Section Plan View

Profile View

Viking Ship Under Construction

View from Amidships

Gokstad in Museum

Steering Oar

Viking Landing


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To Turn of the Century Lampshades, Inc., the wholesale and retail source for Victorian lampshades and Victorian lampshade kits.


We have been in business for over twenty years, and we remain the premier source for Victorian era lampshade kits and custom made Victorian lampshades. Our materials are of the highest quality, and the instructions that come with the Cinderella and Brocade kits are clear and detailed.


The Turn of the Century Lampshade was also called the Victorian Lampshade. In America, the Victorian Era was called "The Cinderella of Antiques Period" as represented by the style of these elegant lampshades.


Because we pride ourselves on quality, all of our designs and materials have been carefully selected. We make our own wire frames, which are powder coated and baked in an oven that gives a quality hard shell rust resistant finish.


We have two basic categories:

1 ) The Cinderella Line: This is our Top of the Line with forty (40) color combinations to choose from in custom finished shades or quality do-it-yourself kits. Each color combination has two colors with a crepe back satin as the base fabric for its first color and a second color that is a sheer chiffon or Georgette that makes the pleated fans and rosettes. Hand dyed floral lace, top braid, accent trim, and variegated fringe compliment these two colors.

2) The Brocade Line: This line has a floral pattern embossed in the fabric and is available in fourteen colors with two different fabrics and designs to choose from as seen and described in the Brocade section of the catalog. This shade has one color and is offered in either a custom finished shade or a quality do-it-yourself kit.



All custom shades and do-it-yourself kits are available in over fifty styles and priced with fringe. Beads are available (see our colored bead section) and the amount needed for each frame style is found in the column next to the finished shade price list.

We believe our product sells itself and are aware of the opportunities for a successful business of your own. Our wholesale department offers a complete section for the entrepreneur.

Our new site has been completely redesigned for ease of navigation and order processing. To become familiar with our Lampshades navigate to our Photo-gallery section. For our customers already familiar with our products, and wish merely to order products, navigate to the  Catalog, Supplies and Order form sections on the contents bar.

We wish you a rewarding experience. Enjoy your shopping, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us through our email or over the phone.