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Viking Ship Models


We specialize in Museum quality scale Viking ship scale models built from the Gokstad and other Viking ship plans. We can build to suit a variety of size and budget requirements, depending on the model. Understand the these models are built with an exceptionally level of detail required to keep the models authentic..

Captain Magnus Andersen's replica of the Gokstad ship Viking in New York Harbor in 1893.


Viking Ship HOME

Ship Construction Methods Pg. 1

Ship Construction Methods Pg. 2

Ship Construction Methods Pg. 3

Ship Construction Methods Pg. 4

Section Plan View

Profile View

Viking Ship Under Construction

View from Amidships

Gokstad in Museum

Steering Oar

Viking Landing


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Euromodel Ajax

This Euromodel kit boasts the the following features:
Laser-cut Keel, frames and sub deck components.
  • Double planked hull construction in Lime and  Walnut strips.
  • Walnut deck planking.
  • Hull and deck fittings made from Brass, Walnut, Boxwood, and Beech.
  • Cannons with cast barrels and carriages.
  • Where appropriate, decorative detail is from cast metal
  • Ramin mast and yards
  • Various sizes of cord for standing and running rigging.
  • Walnut deadeyes and Walnut or Boxwood rigging blocks.
  • Extensive full sized profile and plan drawings of the hull associated deck fittings. Complete spar and rigging diagrams and miscellaneous detail sheets to aid construction. However, there are no building instructions with this kit so the model is only suitable for modellers with previous kit building experience.

    Model Length: 812mm

    For the price of this, and other Euromodel kits

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