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Viking Ship Models


We specialize in Museum quality scale Viking ship scale models built from the Gokstad and other Viking ship plans. We can build to suit a variety of size and budget requirements, depending on the model. Understand the these models are built with an exceptionally level of detail required to keep the models authentic..

Captain Magnus Andersen's replica of the Gokstad ship Viking in New York Harbor in 1893.


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Ship Construction Methods Pg. 1

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Ship Construction Methods Pg. 3

Ship Construction Methods Pg. 4

Section Plan View

Profile View

Viking Ship Under Construction

View from Amidships

Gokstad in Museum

Steering Oar

Viking Landing


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V iking Ship Plans



Viking Boatbuilding Methods

Plan Profile

Mast Partner

Norweigan Construction

View from Amidships

Gokstad in Museum

Steering Oar

Viking Landing




The The Pilot Project for MeriSol Services, Inc was the creation of paid jobs training programs for at-risk youth and financially disadvantaged heads of families. The vehicle for this program was construction of a full scale replica of the 76'6" 9th century viking ship called 'Gokstad.'

A separate company has evolved from this corporation, ObadiahNet. ObadiahNet specialzes in the sales of unique and hard to find items, including hobby items, games, gifts and model plans.

We are now offering a complete set of the building plans for the Gokstad in our fundraising drive to help raise seed money for the program we are currently working on, the pilot project for the establishment of Community Technology Resource Centers.

These plans were drafted by members of the University of Oldsaksamling, Oslo, Norway in 1956. The plans measure 26" X 48", and are drafted to a scale of 1/20.

    These plans consist of:

  • Plan Lines
  • Profile Section Lines
  • Diagonal Section Lines
  • Section Stations: (4)
  • Profile Detail
  • Plan Detail
  • Profile Section Detail

Built to full length the Gokstad is 76'6" long, 14'6" in breadth and 6' 6" in height. She had a net cargo capacity of 32 tons.

Details scanned from the building plans for the Gokstad have been published to this site for those who have an interest in viking ships, viking plans and viking ship models. These plans are at a scale of 1/20. Additional hobby items, model plans and unusual games will be added in the near future. In addition to the plans (not to scale on this site) I have included an abstract which is a detailed analysis of the construction methods of this ship with comparative analyis of previous shipbuilding techniques by the vikings. You will also find related material on this site as well as outside links to other viking sites.

Particularly noteworthy is the Gaia Web site. This group, based in Norway, has built and extensively sailed a reproduction of the Gokstad ship using traditional viking shipbuilding methods. They also offer excursions on the Gaia.

New material will be added to this site periodically. If you are interested in receiving E-mail notices of additions or changes to this site submit your E-mail address in the Netmind box below.

The price for these plans is $250.00 plus $20.00 S&H to private parties and for-profit companies in an effort to raise funding for our mission. We offer these plans for $210.00 plus $20.00 S&H for educational and nonprofit institutions. Members of E-Group/Viking-Ship-Plans qualify for the nonprofit rate. You can join the viking ship plans group at:

You may purchase these plans by sending an E-mail request to: Terrence Jones; Executive Director: MeriSol Services was incorporated in the State of Oregon in 1997 as a non profit public benefit corporation (Fed. Tax ID# 91-1775757).

Empowerment of individuals and communities towards economic vitality through the establishment of dynamic community
based information resource and training centers.

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