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Viking Ship Models


We specialize in Museum quality scale Viking ship scale models built from the Gokstad and other Viking ship plans. We can build to suit a variety of size and budget requirements, depending on the model. Understand the these models are built with an exceptionally level of detail required to keep the models authentic..

Captain Magnus Andersen's replica of the Gokstad ship Viking in New York Harbor in 1893.


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Section Plan View

Profile View

Viking Ship Under Construction

View from Amidships

Gokstad in Museum

Steering Oar

Viking Landing


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Welcome to Specialty Import's Viking Ships Home Page!

Complete detailed Viking ship plans and ship model plans for the 9th century Viking sailing and rowing ship 'Gokstad' are available from
Specialty Imports.

These detailed and professionally drafted Viking ship plan drawings are suitable for the  compilation of material takeoff lists, layout for timber and plank measurement and cutting schedules for the full scale construction of an impressive and highly seaworthy sailing and rowing vessel. The Gokstad ship is 76' 5" (23.33 m.) long, between the extreme points fore and aft. Greatest width is 17' 6" (6.25 m.). The height from the bottom of the keel to the gunnel amidships is 6' 4 4/5" (1.05 m). The ship's side above the waterline amidships is 3' 7 1/2" (1.10 m.), and it draws 33 1/2" (0.85 m.). The weight of the hull fully equipped is estimated at 20.2 metric tons. An exact copy of the ship had a tonnage of 31.78 registered tons. The ship is built of oak throughout arid consists of keel, stem and stern, ribs with crossbeams and knees, and planking.

If you envision a model ship project encompassing the creation of a truly unique and accurate model of this classic Viking sailing and rowing vessel in exquisite detail, we can custom tailor the plans' scale to the size and scope of your project, while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the plans.

You will find on this Web site detailed analyses of the development of the ancient Viking ship-building methods, along with numerous drawings and photographs of the Gokstad in various stages of construction.

From the layout of the keel to the carving of the stems, which include carved projections forming the tie-in to the planking; this project will take you through the historic stages in the European development of ocean-going rowing and sailing ships. Learn first-hand of the practicality and reliability of the Vikings unique method of riveting the lower planking together, and then using pine-tarred cordage (originally horse-hair) to lace the middle and upper planks together to maintain flexibility and durability on the high seas, allowing the Vikings to venture as far as northern Africa and India, as well as onto the heavy seas of the Atlantic.

You will then venture on to the construction to the Viking's answer to the unique problem of steering a high double-ended canoe style ship measuring 76' 6" in length and 14' 6" in breadth by the semi-flexible attachment of a 20' plus steering oar. Finish your jewel off with the fine detail of the personal supply chests the 32 oarsmen used in double-duty as seating platforms.

The prerequisite to rigging the 40 meter square sail to the mast is naturally preceded by attaching the mast to the Maststep, which is in turn attached to the Fishmast, although you may prefer to improvise over the Viking's use of heavy grown limbs shaped during several decades of growth for secure attachment around and over  the keel.

Ordering procedures for the complete set of size 'D' plans, as well as Viking ship model plans can be found by merely clicking on the Gokstad image  
 at the top left of every page.

The Gokstad a seaworthy sailing and rowing vessel designed over a 1000 year period by the earliest European masters of the craft of shipbuilding. We have, although the scale could be adjusted accordingly.

The pilot project and initial vehicle for fulfilling MeriSol Services, Inc.'s mission was the creation of paid jobs training programs for at-risk youth and financially disadvantaged heads of families. The pilot project for this program was the construction of a full scale replica of the 'Gokstad.' MeriSol Services, Inc. was formed as a nonprofit corporation on February 11, 1997.

The plans we are offering were drafted in Oslo, Norway in 1956 directly from the reconstruction of the Gokstad, an extremely delicate project which saw completion after a period of several decades. The plans, size "D", measure 26 inches X 48 inches, and are precise.

 The Gokstad Viking Ship plans consist of:

  • Plan Lines
  • Profile Section Lines
  • Diagonal Section Lines
  • Section Stations: (4)
  • Profile Detail
  • Plan Detail 
  • Profile Section Detail


Details scanned from the building plans for the Gokstad have been published to this site for those who have an interest in Viking ships, Viking ship plans and Viking ship model plans. In addition to the numerous images and plans published on this Web site, I have included an abstract of a detailed analysis of the Construction Methods of the Gokstad. The distinguished author's treatise is not limited to the construction methods which were used to build the Gokstad, but encompasses a comprehensive analysis of the historical development of shipbuilding techniques by the Vikings.

We are in the process of recreating our 'Links' section, but a particularly noteworthy resource is the Gaia Web site. This group, based in Norway, has extensively sailed a reproduction of the Gokstad ship, called ''Gaia".

Gaia was built to full scale using traditional Viking shipbuilding methods. You will find quality photos and videos of Gaia and crew in places ranging from Europe, America, Antarctica and Brazil, to name a few. Their Web site is truly impressive. It is well organized, with a thorough 'Links' section, and is well worth the visit. 


  • The price for the full-size set of plans is now only $161.95 ea. (For the month of October Only - Otherwise $209.95).
  • For 36" (2/3) plans, now available for only $89.95 (For the month of October Only - Otherwise $159.95).
  • For models, we offer 18" sets now for only $39.95 ea. (For the month of October Only - Otherwise $59.95).
  • For a Digital set of plans (TIFF) only $89.95 (For the month of October Only - Otherwise $159.95)
  • We can adapt plans to certain custom specifications upon request.

MeriSol Services, Inc. is the only  commercial source for authentic plans for the Gokstad Viking Ship.


All proceeds from the sale of these plans are used  for the operational needs of MeriSol Services, Inc. FID # 91-1775757


We are an authorized Business Account member of Pay Pal. Over 37 million users in 36 countries! All accounts are insured for up to $100,000.00.


Half Price Off  through November!

1 Set 18" Viking Ship Model Plans:    $39.95
1 set 36" Viking Ship Plans: $89.95
1 set 'Size 'D' Full-Scale Viking Ship Plans: $161.95
1 CD: Digital Scalable Gokstad Plans: (Tiff Format) $89.95


If you prefer to pay directly instead of using this secure automated service, you may contact us by sending an E-mail "Request For Purchase" to: Specialty Imports.  All orders will be shipped within four business days after receiving your order.

MeriSol Services, Inc., the parent company of Specialty Imports was incorporated in the State of Oregon on February 11, 1997 as a non-profit public benefit corporation (Fed. Tax ID# 91-1775757) Art Craft Gift Ideas